What to Pack for Your Wildlife Experience


Have you been to destinations all over the world and consider yourself a master of packing? Think you know everything you need to about Pack List on Safari? This might not be the case on an African safari. A safari needs a proper plan so that you can avoid under packing our over packing.

A Pack List on Safari, safari tour is unlike any other trip; packing for it is quite tricky. The luggage weight restrictions, the dusty roads traveled in open jeeps, the shifting temperatures throughout the day, everything has to be accounted for when safari packing. In no specific order of importance, here’s our ultimate safari checklist of items to pack.


Waterproof Jacket

While in some areas there may not be any rain at all, you’ll be thankful to have a waterproof jacket when you enter one were with ample rain.


This is good for keeping you warm while camping at high altitudes and for keeping the chill at bay during early morning game drives. Bring two along; if it rains, you’ll have a dry replacement to put on when it stops.

Base Layers

Get yourself some long sleeve base layers, preferably one made from wicking materials so you aren’t troubled by sweat on your safari tour. The long sleeves also have the benefit of protection from insects.

Long Trousers

Same principle applies here as for the base layer tops, as well as the fact that culture in certain parts of Africa demands moderate dressing. However, keep some shorts as well for use during sunny days.

Electronic Devices

Compatible Plug Adapter

Before packing any other electronic device, purchase a plug adapter that will work in the region you are headed to.

Power Bank

This will let you charge your devices if they run out of power while on safari.

Cables and Spare Batteries

Bring along multiple of these so you have replacements if anything gets lost or stops working.

Memory Cards

Again, keep multiple in case you run out of space on one with all the pictures and videos you will be taking.

While medical supplies are available on safaris, we recommend you bring along any medication you may need. With everything packed, you’re ready to take on the African safari! Get in touch with us today and get yourself a safari tour package in Zimbabwe,Namibia, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro climb Packages.