The case of a breakdown or accident

What happens in case of a breakdown or accident?

Take note that when driving a second vehicle in challenging conditions, unexpected issues can arise. We are experienced in trouble shooting along the way, but it requires cooperation and patience from your side as well. Please always contact Africa Joy Tours first. Our phone number is available 24h/day and we will try to solve the problem to the best of our ability.

We have a network of mechanic workshops in Tanzania to assist you in case of any issues, and we will either direct you to the nearest workshop or send a mechanic to assist you on the spot. In case a car cannot be fixed on the spot within 24 hours, a replacement car from Arusha will be provided so you can continue your journey. Ask yourself if you easily stress out or become agitated if you have to change your travel plans a bit, because you need to wait several hours before help has arrived when you are in a remote area. Than going on a self-drive trip is not for you.

In case of an accident, contact us immediately and we coach you through the process; take pictures of the damaged vehicle(s) and process a clear police report.



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