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The Machame route is comparatively troublesome as climbers ought to be able to ascend the Barranco Wall on day four and upset a steep incline up Kibo on summit night.

That being aforementioned, there are not any elements on the route that need any technical climb skills.

The total Machame route distance is just about sixty-two kilometres from gate to gate.

The Machame route is additionally called the hard drink route, given its name for being a troublesome climb, in distinction to the better Marangu route, that is thought because of the Coca Cola route. not like the gradual incline and hut accommodations found on the Marangu Route, the climbers on Machame hike vessel trails, for extended distances, whereas sleeping in tents.

The Machame Route climb may be tired a minimum of six days (five nights) on the mountain. However, it’s most frequently tackled over seven days (six nights), for a far better altitude adjustment schedule. The success rate is considerably higher once victimization the seven-day route.

The trek begins at Machame Gate, situated within the southern base of the mountain that is simply a brief drive from Moshi or Arusha.

The hike starts inside Kilimanjaro’s lush, fertile, elevation rain forest. As you would possibly expect, the lower slopes receive a quite little bit of precipitation. The path could also be steep and slippery, therefore trekking poles square measure suggested. because the route heads toward the Shira tableland, the trees disappear and the square measure replaced by low brush within the heather zone. Then the route climbs high to the volcanic plug, Lava Tower, before dropping and circling below the South Icefield. This circular pathway from Barranco to Karanga to Barafu is thought because of the southern circuit. because it traverses halfway around the mountain, climber’s square measure exposed to nice vistas.

The long, strenuous approach to the summit is formed from the east through endless switchbacks up progressively loose gravel till we tend to reach the crater rim at a mark called Stella purpose. Then the route is comparatively flat for an additional hour to Uhuru Peak – the highest of the mountain peak. the short descent follows the Mweka path.

The Machame Route is just about sixty-two km/thirty-seven miles from gate to gate. it’s designed for physically work for folks with some hiking expertise, however, lots of initial time traveler uses the route additionally and just do fine. it’s rated joined of Kilimanjaro’s higher routes and therefore is usually recommended. it’s a far better selection than the everyday tourist’s route – Marangu.


The camps for the seven day Machame route square measure Machame, Shira, Barranco, Karanga vale, Barafu, and Millennium (or typically Mweka). A full description of every camp is below.

Machame and Millennium Camp

It is Found on the timberline and have a variety of campsites set in tiny clearings within the forest. the entire website will accommodate in all probability 100 tents. you may see a central ranger station and a variety of brick bogs and long-drop latrines. The air is sort of wet and it isn’t too cold; being right within the trees you will not see several people around the website.

Shira Camp

Located on the Vast Shira tableland that could be a volcanic spill-off from the last explosion some one hundred,000 years past. Open and exposed and infrequently soiled with smaller, you may notice a lot of fragile plants among the rocks. Brick bogs and latrines and Ranger huts square measure around and therefore the space is therefore large it’s straightforward to detached and has some privacy. Shira might accommodate many tents fairly simply. Expect it to be colder here, a lot of windy doubtless. The views of the summit formation square measure extremely superb, particularly at dawn and time of day, and it’s value obtaining up within the night if there’s a phase of the moon to visualize it rise behind the summit.

Barranco Camp

Is at the pinnacle of the steep vale that drops down into the Umbwe route that goes all the method all the way down to Moshi. tucked up beneath the summit formation their square measure large dramatic cliffs to visualize, some remains of hanging glaciers and infrequently the entire of Kibo are plastered in snow. meantime trying down the vale you’ll see the lights of Moshi. The land site has brick bogs and latrines (long drops), a Ranger’s hut in fact, and there’s a lot of plants here therefore it’s inexperienced and abundant, particularly the enormous groundsels which may grow many meters tall. The camp will take over 100 tents quite simply however area is proscribed therefore you’ll typically expect to steer a distance to seek out your tent.

Karanga Camp

Extremely open and located therefore what on a slope so check that your tent is on a flat piece of ground. There square measure nice views of the summit formation once more and you’ll see the route to the summit quite simply. trying downhill you’ll see the lights of Moshi. Brick bogs and pit latrines once more, a Rangers Hut and area for a minimum of 100 tents. It may be cold and windy here, and therefore the cloud will come back and go in no time. Water could be a downside at this camp, the porters have to be compelled to walk forty minutes go into reverse the path to the closest stream.

Many people go directly from Barranco to successive camp Barafu in sooner or later to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in six days, therefore Karanga could be a half-way stop, however, it’s well definitely worth the extra adjustment.


Meaning ‘ice’ in Swahili, is the final camp at 4600m. It is no longer covered in permanent snow but it is cold and rocky and exposed. People definitely feel the altitude here and you can expect snow and often wind. The campsites are dotted among nooks and crannies in the rocks, running the length of the ridge. Some camps are far below the Rangers hut and the start of the summit climb, so it can add more than half an hour to the ascent. With brick toilets and latrines, the facilities are now good but water is in short supply so the porters are forced to travel back downhill to the nearest stream. The Rangers here have large heavy-duty stretchers at hand which have a single wheel underneath, so it’s possible to get people down quickly. There is also a helipad at the camp.

You can read more on our main climbing Kilimanjaro page about the weather and climate, difficulty and experience needed for the trip, and books and maps you might want to buy in advance. Machame Route is one among the foremost in style routes on a mountain peak.

According to statistics from Kilimanjaro park just about five-hundredths of trekkers use the Machame Route to ascend Kilimanjaro. The route is extremely scenic, providing hikers with unimaginable views and ranging landscapes.



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