Kilimanjaro Safety


Success is what we want during Kilimanjaro Safety . We are prepared for any urgent situation Kilimanjaro Safety and also have in place a complete evacuation procedure in case of altitude sickness. We carry first aid supplies, supplement summit oxygen and Pulse Oximeters).


To Climb Kilimanjaro Don’t Forget to Pack:

  • powdered drink mix to make the water taste acceptable
  • mittens rather than gloves if you are prone to having cold hands in the winter
  • chemical hand and foot warmers in case you have to spend time at Kibo waiting for the rest of your group to come back.
  • sunscreen and sun hat.
  • headlamps rather than flashlights.
  • plenty of layers for the final ascent since even though it starts our freezing, you get pretty hot once the sun comes out.
  • tons of handiwipes and tissues
  • a small quick-drying towel
  • a comfortable day pack
  • For climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru, thermal underwear, light layers, sweater, warm jacket, good socks and sturdy boots
  • Binocular, Camera, and long lasting Batteries
  • Tents: 3-person dome-style mountain tents (Kelty or similar)
  • Foam sleeping pads
  • Oximeters
  • Dining tent, dining table, and stools
  • Cooking utensils, equipment, and supplies
  • Eating dishes and utensils
  • Wash basins
  • Steripens for water purification (upon request)
  • Wear sunscreen

Available at an extra charge:

  • Oxygen: $100/group
  • Hyperbaric Pressure Bags: $200/group
  • Portable toilets and toilet tent: $150/group