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Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages are carefully tailor made to ensure you get the correct itinerary tailored to your need. Whether it is the duration, budget or time of the year, We are happy to help your archives your goals of reaching the top of Kilimanjaro. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a once in a life Time experience for many tourist visiting Africa. Before reaching the glacier-covered top, the trek passes through muddy jungles, rare altitude flora and alpine meadows. Mt. Kilimanjaro is a symbol of Africa, standing towering over the Savannah of East Africa. How do you go about climbing Mt K Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and how fit do you need to be?

Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages Our affordable and carefully planned Kilimanjaro Climbing Package outperform all other trip Kilimanjaro packages available on the internet. Our committed crew works hard to ensure that your Kilimanjaro climbs are an unforgettable experience. You will not hesitate to brag about us to your relatives and friends after experiencing the transcending Kilimanjaro with us.

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Tailored Itineraries for All Skill Levels

Our Kilimanjaro Climb Packages and Tours are carefully planned to outperform all others available online. Our committed crew works hard to ensure your Kilimanjaro climbs are an unforgettable experience. You will not hesitate to brag about us to your relatives and friends after experiencing transcending Kilimanjaro with us.

Safety and Success Guaranteed

Africa Joy Tours has invested within the highest training standards of any operator on a mountain peak. This includes advanced altitude coaching delivered by a United Kingdom doctor and altitude analysis specialist. One of the key parts of this can be coaching: permit our mountain guides to effectively monitor clients perpetually while on mountain peaks and assess if AMS strikes them and, if so, how severe AMS is. We tend to conjointly train them on how to respond in the case of moderate or severe altitude sickness – which can continually mean organizing for the affected shopper to descend like a shot. Throughout you’re informing on the first evening of your trip, your mountain guide can talk over the symptoms of AMS and how to recognize them.

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Before planning your trip, keep in mind the weather.

Kilimanjaro’s location near the equator is a nice advantage, with little or no seasonal variation in rising conditions. The rainy seasons from March to May and December could make the track slippery. Usually speaking, January, February, June, July, August, and September are considered the best times to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • 5-days package-price start from $(1500)
  • 6-days package-price start from $(1650)
  • 7-days package-price start from $(1850)
  • 8- days package-price start from $(2390)
  • 9-days package-price start from $(2500)

We are here to assist you if you need something custom to fit your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The rules for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro specify a minimum age of ten, with no maximum age. All Africa Joy Tours travelers must be over fifteen years old. Whereas there’s no maximum age for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s necessary to recollect that the climb is strenuous and presents health risks, particularly to people in high-risk categories. Serious thought ought to incline to anyone under the age of eighteen and over the age of sixty. Read More About Kilimanjaro FAQs



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