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Delicious, Mouth-Watering Foods to Try When in Tanzania

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No holiday trip is complete without trying a few delicious, mouth-watering treats! This is especially true if you’re visiting Tanzania this year.

Home to some of the most beautiful countries in the world, Africa is no stranger to tantalizing dishes and hospitality. In fact, many tourists go home, taking recipes for traditional dishes from all over the continent!

And while it’s known for its gorgeous landscapes, Tanzania’s cuisine is just as delightful as its beauty.

So make sure you try some of these incredible dishes when visiting the wonderful land of Tanzania!


If you’re a huge fan of barbeque, you’re gonna love Tanzania’s national dish! Nyamachoma is basically grilled meat that is slowly barbequed until it’s tender, flavorsome and irresistible.

Chicken, goat and fish are the main varieties and the dish itself isn’t spicy, but balances intense flavors and is served with ugali—stiffened porridge.

Coconut Bean Soup

If you’re vegan or want something delicious, yet light, coconut bean soup is what you’re looking for!

The soup is a blend of shredded, coconut, coconut milk, tomatoes and kidney beans and rice. It’s the perfect mix between sweet and spicy. It’s creamy and scrumptious, served hot or cold—your choice!

Mouth watering yet?


What’s better than bananas? How about fried fritters with bananas as the main ingredient?

Ndizikanga is popular all over Tanzania and since plantain grow abundantly there, they are used in cooking all the time. The snack packs a punch between savory and sweet, and is often served as a side dish, through you can eat it alone as well.

Wali Na Maharage

If you want something mild, yet delicious, this dish is it! Walinamaharage is made with rice and kidney beans. It’s made in coconut milk or oil to give its rich, creamy taste. You can eat it as it is, or you can opt for grilled meat or fish to be served on the side!

Sweet Potato Pudding

Who doesn’t love sweet potatoes and pudding? Combine them both and you’ve got the perfect dessert!

This sweet dish is incredibly popular in Tanzania and is a must-have if you’re visiting! To add a punch, it’s flavored with cardamom and saffron. What else could you ask for?

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