What are the Best Snacks for Climbing Kilimanjaro?

On our climbs, we provide all the food you need to climb Kilimanjaro. Our clients get three large, hot meals. These meals include a mix of macro nutrients – protein, carbs and fat – but are intentionally heavy on carbohydrates, the preferred energy source at altitude. Additionally, we serve afternoon snacks consisting of peanuts, popcorn, […]

7 Natural Foods and Supplements for Altitude Acclimatization

When it comes to preventing and treating altitude sickness, there are some fairly effective medications like Diamox that you can use while climbing Kilimanjaro. What about natural remedies? In this article, we explore what natural foods and dietary supplements may be helpful to improve acclimatisation at high altitudes. Antioxidants When our body’s cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free […]