Car Rental With Driver Guide

Car rental with driver -guide

Africa Joy Tours works with a number of very experienced and truly lovable driver – guides. This option is great for those who don’t fancy driving themselves, want a more relaxed experience, or want to learn more about the local culture and wildlife in Tanzania.

All the guides we work with are fluent in English and Swahili. Looking for a German, Spanish or French speaking driver-guide for your trip in Tanzania? Some of our driver-guides are also fluent in German, Spanish or French. Let us know, we’re happy to assist.

You can expect from your driver-guide that he will get you to your destination safely, he will also do game drives in the safari parks and he knows the best places to go for a lunch-break or stocking up supplies. He can also help you with fine-tuning your itineary along the way, and recommend nice campsites and good value for money lodges in Tanzania.

The cost of hiring a driver-guide is €40 / day and all the proceeds go to the driver. This fee also covers his meals and accommodation. You don’t need to arrange accommodation for him, as the lodges have facilities for the driver-guides where they can eat and sleep for a reduced rate. In case you go on a camping trip, we also supply your driver with camping gear. As there are no facilities to eat elsewhere inside the national parks, we ask that you provide food for your driver and cook your meals together. Most drivers are pretty good bush cooks and know how to start a camp fire.

When you travel into a national park with a driver, you do have to pay their entrance fee of €2 – €5 / day, depending on the park.

If you’re taking a driver with you into the national parks, the Tanzania National Parks Authority requires you to have your entrance permits paid in advance, so you won’t be able to just decide on the fly. If you book a car with a driver, Africa Joy Tours will help with arranging the required park entrance permits for you in advance.



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