Botswana Safari Vacation

Botswana Safari

Choose a Botswana vacation package and experience a traditional big game wildlife safari in one of Africa’s top destinations. The evergreen jewel of the Okavango Delta is at the heart of Botswana’s safari attractions, flanked in the east by the rolling savannah of the Savuti and the teeming elephant paradise of the Chobe.

South of the delta lay the far-flung stretches of the Makgadikgadi saltpans and the semi-desert grasslands of the Kalahari. Go on guided game drives, nature walks, river cruises, canoe trips or explore on the backs of elephants and horses to make the most of Botswana’s legendary wildlife. The Chobe is home to Africa’s largest elephant population as well as huge herds of buffalo, zebra and many antelope species, and with such abundant plains game, Botswana has plenty of Africa’s top predators – lion, leopard, hyenas and rare wild dogs. Even the bird watching is exceptional.

The saltpans and Kalahari scrubland south of the delta are home to unique experiences like quad biking safaris and authentic cultural encounters with Africa’s first people, the San. This is also the setting for Botswana’s green season migration, which happens between January and March (depending on seasonal rainfall). After the summer rains fill the desert waterholes, thousands of zebra and antelope migrate into the area to feast on the sweet, new grasses. This in turn leads to dramatic predator-prey interactions as the resident lion prides make the most of the visiting herds.



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