Kilimanjaro Song Jambo Bwana

Anybody who has magnificently summited Kilimanjaro has one familiarity in common. Not the mental struggle of pushing yourself harder than you thought possible. Not the unforgettable moment when you finally take in the view from the “Roof of Africa.” It’s the Jambo Bwana song. Sung by your guides and porters after a successful trek, it’s […]

Flying Drones on Mount Kilimanjaro

The Tanzanian governing authorities and animal conservation agencies have made it clear that using aerial drones in Tanzania’s national parks, such as Kilimanjaro, is forbidden. I strongly advise you not to fly a drone there unless you first obtain written permission from the relevant regulatory bodies. I acclaim that you contact the Tanzanian embassy or […]

Is Climbing Kilimanjaro Really Dangerous?

All outdoor activities carry some degree of risk. Hiking is no different. Though hiking is a fun and fulfilling way to see the world, it can also take you to high elevations that your body isn’t used to. Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit stands 19,340 feet above sea level, which puts it in the extremely high altitude […]

The 7 Most Crucial Kilimanjaro Gear Items

If you’ve seen our gear list, you know there are lots of things on it. The list contains optional, recommended and required items. Though the required items are all mandatory, there are things that are more significant than others when it comes to your safety, comfort, and success. 7 most important items on the Kilimanjaro gear […]

What are the Best Snacks for Climbing Kilimanjaro?

On our climbs, we provide all the food you need to climb Kilimanjaro. Our clients get three large, hot meals. These meals include a mix of macro nutrients – protein, carbs and fat – but are intentionally heavy on carbohydrates, the preferred energy source at altitude. Additionally, we serve afternoon snacks consisting of peanuts, popcorn, […]

7 Natural Foods and Supplements for Altitude Acclimatization

When it comes to preventing and treating altitude sickness, there are some fairly effective medications like Diamox that you can use while climbing Kilimanjaro. What about natural remedies? In this article, we explore what natural foods and dietary supplements may be helpful to improve acclimatisation at high altitudes. Antioxidants When our body’s cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free […]

Kilimanjaro Glaciers

Kilimanjaro Glaciers – Delicate Beauty Glaciers of Kilimanjaro Glaciers are masses of ice found either at the poles of the earth or on mountains. There are also tropical glaciers; ice formations found at high altitudes on mountains along the earth’s equator. In Africa, there are only three places to find tropical glaciers: Mount Rwenzori in […]

Best Time To See Serengeti Migration

The Great Migration is simply like nothing else on Earth. Perhaps you’ve seen the migration before on a Tanzania safari or you’ve only seen Disney’s The Lion King and wondered what a wildebeest stampede looked like for real. No matter your experience with African wildlife, the Great Migration will amaze you on your East Africa vacation. Well […]

Covid 19 Situation & Travel in Tanzania 2021

Covid-19 and Travel – All You Need To Know About Travelling To Tanzania Worrying about travelling to Tanzania for safaris during this Covid 19 pandemic? Many people would like to trip Tanzania now. however travel currently within the times of this Covid-19 Pandemic may be terribly tough to most travellers not solely to Tanzania however to […]

The Best Time for Tanzania Safari

Tanzania has many things to offer, from the classic once in lifetime wildlife experience to cultural interactions best time for Tanzania safari. For mountain lovers, mount Kilimanjaro climbing is always their dream destination. Zanzibar is the other way to experience Tanzania, especially for beach lovers. Like going on vacation to any other country, it is […]