What to Keep in Mind When Going On Safari with Children


An educational and adventurous trip to Tanzania wildlife safari can transform into a long temper-tantrum, if you are travelling with kids in a Family Safari.

African wildlife Family Safari can be a fascinating experience for your family. It provides access to the natural arena to learn about the predatory hierarchy and eco-system.

Enjoying the amazing wonders of nature can be difficult with an irritated kid in the back of your jeep. To ensure your family safari goes without a hitch, keep these things in mind.

Age restriction

Generally, safari tours are open to children of all ages, but for safety purposes, some safaris have a minimum age requirement of 4 or 12 years of age. Inquire about the age restriction and children policy before confirming your booking.

Activity restriction

Safari offers a wide range of activities for you to enjoy. Again, not all activities are open to children.

Activities like gorilla trekking, white-water rafting, or long hikes can be dangerous for kids under 12 or 15 years. You can always exercise your parental authority and take your kids on these adventures. It all depends on your personal preference and nature of your kid. If your kid is not the sporty-type, avoid putting your kid in a tough spot, as these activities can prove difficult for some adults as well. Your camp will have variety of activities at disposal; choose one that suits your family.

Safari routine

Be prepared to wake up at dawn. Safaris are structured to utilize most of the day light, which means your family will be waking up with the sun and returning back to the base camp at sun down.

You will be spending a lot of time traveling back and forth. Keep the kids engaged with fun car-games or photography of sites.

Private vehicle

Travelling with children requires care and comfort. Don’t expect your 4-year-old to have the patience or appreciation for African beauty. Usually, safari tour requires families with children to book a private game drive, (yes, it will have additional cost). Discuss the travelling arrangements with your agents beforehand to avoid confusion.

Sleeping arrangements

Sleeping arrangements will vary according to your travelling package. Generally, one adult is required to sleep in the same tent or room as the children. This is for your children’s safety, as children tend to get scared in open camps with animals nearby.

Food arrangements

Again, your travelling package will determine the meal. If your child has special dietary requirements or some sort of allergies, communicate this to the camp manager beforehand.

Swimming pools

If you’re a parent of a hyper-active child, use the swimming pool of your lodge to burn off some of your child’s energy. Check the safety access of the pool and accompany your kid, if he/she is not a confident swimmer.

Safety check

Spending days and night in the wild can be adventurous, but make sure your kids are aware of safety precautions. Make sure they don’t mess around with trekking equipment or go running in un-fenced area.

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