Welcome in the authentic Africa with African Joy Tours:

Africa Joy Tours ( A.J.T ) is a  company that offers tours and safaris in the most beautiful natural sights of Africa and Tanzania ! Africa, and especially Tanzania, is traditional safaris lands. It’s one of the last well preserved places in the world. In Tanzania huge areas of nature are preserved and left very wild. Like the famous Serengeti national park, which means “the endless plain” in Masai language, wich is 14,763 square kilometers of absolute wilderness. In this kind of place, you feel small as nature is the master:  during the night you can hear wildebeest and lions thunders and smell the fresh air mixed with the wind-blown dust. All of this will help you understand the wild heart of Africa, a wonderful experience!

“The inevitable appointment of nature lovers !”

Tanzania is also famous for Kilimanjaro Mountain, the highest point in Africa, known for its eternal snow. Climbing the mountain is an unbelievable trip which will allow you to experience six different ecosystems (from tropical forest to total desert and ending in glaciers) which will give you deep sensations that you will never forget!

Enjoy the paradise beaches with white sand and coconut trees, the totally clear blue water and the sunshine! Zanzibar and the Indian coast are ideal places to relax and see turtles or whale-sharks.

The team of African Joy Tours (A.J.T.) has more than 20 years of experience in climbing and games drives. It’s one of the best and more experimented safari companies in Tanzania. We throw ourselves into our job wholeheartedly, we really take care of our customers and we consider it our duty to offer you the best services. For this reason we selected the best guides, best cooks, best staff, and the best luxury lodges to provide you with an amazing experience.  Enjoy Africa with African Joy Tours!

Giving Back

We like to Support the community.

As a growing Tourism Company, We would like to introduce to your about Joy Kids Orphans Centre. This is a proch which support orphans by giving them education, clothes and food.

By Climbing mount Kilimanjaro or go to Safari with Africa Joy Tours, you will be directly Supporting our orphans Centre by 5%

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